Eric Mittan

DNC Days Gone By

by on Jul.26, 2010, under Videos

This is a package I edited at WSIL for Angie Wyatt. The footage was shot by Ben Jeffords, our Chief Photographer. It aired around the time of the Democratic National Convention prior to the election of Barack Obama. John Rednour, the subject of the piece, is a Super Delegate for the Democratic Party and currently serves as the mayor of DuQuoin, Illinois.

I don’t often get the chance to craft an edit like I did on this one.  I know that one would think that with a title like “Chief Editor” I would be doing these pieces all the time, but my specialty at WSIL always seems to be ‘crash’ editing – the footage for a story came in exceptionally late and I have to help someone whip it together very quickly.  With this piece, I was able to spend the evening before the newscast really finding the edit, and it shows.